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Keeping your trees pruned or thinned helps in keeping them from breaking during the winter storms and aids in producing better and more reachable fruit in fruit trees.

Trees add to the value of your property however sometimes it is necessary to remove them. When a tree is dead, a possible hazard due to it leaning, dying or close quarters or where roots could damage the foundation.

Whether it's a large old growth or small cherry stump we can handle them all.  Stump grinding is done to prevent termites that ultimately do damage to your home or surrounding trees. 

Pruning is done to maximize the health of hedges.  By pruning and shaping regularly you can increase the health and stability of your hedge.

Usually 24 hour emergencies are a result of either wind or snow storms.  Trees can be leaning, uprooting, laying on your house, car or garage or physically in your structure.  We extract them as safe and quickly as possible.  Sometimes the tree needs to be cabled until the weather dies down since we are usually combating severe weather.  Very rarely we need a crane to complete the job.  We tarp the roof when needed to keep the elements out until you can get a roofer on site.



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